The ISM CLC 2.0 was a great time of refreshing and immense inspiration as ISM stakeholders of the Gospel from all parts of the world converged for the epochal virtual session.

The Congress was characterized by limit breaking testimonies from ISM Cell leaders, insightful series of strategic super sessions facilitated by the ISM Senior Cell leaders, induction of new ISM Cell leaders into the ISM Global Cell Network, celebration of different levels of unprecedented achievements, and a leap into the limitless possibilities of the vision in reaching the 6 billion souls global mandate.

In a hearty reception, the esteemed CEO, Loveworld Inc. and Director of the ISM, Pastor Deola Phillips welcomed and congratulated the ISM Cell leaders, expressing her profound gratitude in the matchless display of strength for the sake of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In her message to the Cell Leaders, she beamed focus on the Church, its importance as God’s heritage, the essence and efficacy of the ISM and the key role it occupies in God's movement in connecting the world for the end time. 

"Pastor Chris sees the ISM as a part of the Loveworld. The ISM is a weapon for God and the man of God. The ISM is God’s plan for the end time." She enthused.

The woman of God pressed further, bringing light and focus to the immediate agenda of the ISM which is the implanting and establishment of a million ISM Global Ministers Cells in every street, village, town, city, state, and country of the world in this year 2021. 

The Congress ended with a prestigious award ceremony, celebrating the top one hundred ISM Cell leaders whose works showed unparalleled distinction in their excelling service to God. There was also a special recognition award for the top seventy new cells started in the year 2021 and for all organizers of ISM National and Regional Conferences from January 2020 to July, 2021. The segment culminated with an induction ceremony, where over seven thousand new Cell Leaders were inducted into the ISM Cell Ministry. Glory!

It is indeed a new dawn in the ISM Global Ministers Cells, as the existing ISM Cell leaders were stirred up for greater heights, and the inductees pledged to be committed to the agenda of the ISM and the high calorie grace 

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