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Hyderabad Cell takes Joy and Healing to Cancer Patients


Relishing the moments of a divinely orchestrated visitation that produced much joy and healing, over one hundred cancer patients were mightily blessed as the ISM Cell in Hyderabad marked the ISM Global Cell Ministry and Community Service Day at the NTR Indo American Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, India.


The NTR Indo American Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad is usually a very busy place, the Hospital attends to thousands of cancer patients from various cities. Many of these patients come from distant places or have had prolonged treatments, incurring huge expenses that have left them needy or even in debt.


Touched by their plight, the Hyderabad Cell thought to ease the burden on them by showering them with spiritual and material blessings.


Pastor M. V. Thomas, the Hyderabad Cell Leader, led the team and narrates:


“We were a team of 15 ISM ministers and Hyderabad Cell Members who visited the hospital. We reached out to over one hundred poor patients within the hospital; gave them food and prayed for them. The food was such a huge relief to them and it was obvious that it made them happy. We ministered to them and many of them were healed of their pains. Also, we gave financial assistance to those who didn't have money to go back to their homes. In the end, both those who got the material gifts and those who received healing, rejoiced together.”


The ISM Cell Ministry and Community Service Day was indeed an opportunity to impact lives. Praise the Lord!

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