MY ISM STORY - "The teachings received at the  International School of Ministry have changed our thinking and made a  tremendous impact in our lives," Pastor  M. V Thomas from Hyderabad, India, testifies.

We  have been so blessed by the ministry of the ISM. My desire to learn more about  ministry and become an effective minister was fulfilled when I was invited to  attend the ISM.

At  the ISM, we had different inspiring classes which greatly impacted our lives  particularly, the classes on Project Management, Minister's Personal  Development, the Priestly Ministry of a Believer, The Impact of the Holy  Spirit, the Ministry of the Holy Spirit, and so much that we were taught.

We  also had special classes with the man of God, Pastor Chris, and the accurate  revelation of God's Word was revealed to us. In a particular session, he taught  about the Three Cardinal Gifts and that changed our lives and our thinking  forever.

 The  Healing School Service was another tremendous experience for us at the ISM.  Right before my eyes, as the man of God ministered by the Holy Spirit, people  started jumping from the wheelchairs and running. It was an amazing sight for  me!

After  the glorious experiences we had at the ISM, our ministry has been completely  changed. We immediately introduced the daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities,  in our Church. Now, my message in the church is inspired by the revelation  knowledge of the Word of God contained in the Rhapsody of Realities and this  has greatly impacted my members. We are also involved in the translation of  Rhapsody of Realities into our regional language and this has been a blessing  to the people in our region.

In  addition, my members have grown spiritually. Previously, my members always came  forward when we called for the sick, but now only first-timers do and they get  healed. They have been taught on how to put the Word of God to work!

Furthermore,  through the increased financial involvement of my members as a result of the  increased revelation of the Word, we currently air flagship programs of our man  of God, Pastor Chris, such as Atmosphere for Miracles" and Pastor Chris  Teaching" in our regional TV which has a reach of over 8 million people.

We  also started an ISMMN Cell group in Hyderabad, through which many ministers of  the Gospel in Hyderabad have been introduced to the teachings and ministry of  Pastor Chris. We also have been able to invite many of the attending ministers  to the ISM Sessions and Conferences.

 We strongly believe that  the message of our man of God, Pastor Chris, has the ability to change not only  the lives of hundreds and thousands of ministers but millions of people in our  country and the world! Praise God!

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