Testimonies From The ISM Online Conference 2015


"Thank you so much, Pastor, Sir. The Conference was life transforming. As Rev. Ray Okocha was teaching, I moved! I'm no longer where I used to be and I will impart this same fire to my brethren." Pastor Carole Frank, Leeds, UK

"What a time it was to be with God's people all around the world! I'd been waiting for this Conference for many months. I've been blessed with wonderful revelations from God." Pastor Benjamin Azee, India 

"I'm so grateful for the opportunity to participate. I am stirred in my spirit to fulfill my mandate in line with the will of God." Duth Bisram, Italy

"Great thanks to our man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome PhD, for the opportunity to be raised and enlightened in ministry. I’ve been tremendously blessed."Pastor Aleksei, Ukraine

"I was truly blessed by the ISM Online Conference. I learnt that I don’t have to be preoccupied with worldly things. I also learnt that I am called to fulfill His will and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that one day I can also say that I am free from the blood of all men." Mabore Macheru, Kingdom Word City, South Africa

"I was so stirred that as ministers, we need to be fruitful and be passionate about taking the Gospel to the untold. We need to do this with urgency. As ministers, we need to develop the church, to be partners in the work of the ministry." Yvonne Majata, Zoe Life Changing Ministries, Zimbabwe 

"Exactly what I have been brooding upon in this period. The coming of the Lord is near! This is what is ringing in my ears all the time. What a confirmation through this conference. Much more clarity in seeing all that are written in the scriptures." Pastor Giovanna Angeloro, New Vision, Italy

"Thank you for this opportunity. The Conference was a good motivation for us to reach out to others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are motivated for greater works. Thank you so much Pastor."‎ Pastor Bukurijie Nikqi, Kosovo

"The anointing of God was present and we felt it strong, we can tell that there are no boundaries to the power of God. Minister Irene Cerpi, Sion Church, Italy, The topic of the conference was just so timely and has urged me to hurry up and do more for the Kingdom. Those words have put before me the picture of who I really am and my role as a minister of the Gospel." 

"This conference made me understand my mandate is that of preaching the Gospel and train people to do the work of ministry. I am inspired to win more souls." Pastor Peter Mburu Njau, Cornerstone Revival Ministries Worldwide, Kenya

"Pastor Chris, thank you for impacting my life; thank you for this conference, I have been eagerly waiting for it and was mightily blessed. I received empowerment to win souls for the master. Thank you Sir. I love you."  Pastor Emilia Mandembo, Kingdom Citizens Church, Zimbabwe

"This was such a glorious and inspiring conference. We were so impacted and challenged to speed up our evangelism efforts. Thank you Pastor Sir, for such a glorious opportunity to be strengthened and steered in the right direction for the Kingdom." Pastor Dumisani Khulengisa, Kingdom Word City, South Africa

"Thank you Pastor Chris for creating this awesome platform where my life and ministry received powerful inspiration to be more passionate about the divine mandate. The thought of the "future for man" without Christ has really touched my heart and I am on fire to reach out to my world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Ma, Pastor Deola Philips and all the precious team that made this possible. It was worth everything! Thanks a million!" Pastor Judah Kalinga, Kenya

"The conference was one of the most inspiring conferences for me. I was highly inspired and greatly imparted mostly in the area of soul winning. We set ourselves to win 1,000 souls before the end of the month of September. Thank you Pastor Chris, for the opportunity to be trained continuously in the word." Pastor James Maina, Kenya 

"The experience was extraordinary. I am blessed. My life will never be the same again. I am ready for soul winning." Pastor Eunice Wangare, Glorious Chapel, Kahawa - Kenya

"The conference was real and alive to me. I was being reminded again to do the work of an evangelist; and make full proof of my ministry. Just like Paul telling his son Timothy. Indeed, it was a time of refreshing and rekindling of the fire for soul winning. Thank you Pastor Chris and Rev. Ray for taking us back to our core mandate. Glory!" Rev. Isaac Ofori, Ghana

"I thank God so much because He is a faithful God. It has come to my notice that since it is God who has sent me, He will cater for finances as far as spreading the Gospel and winning souls is concerned. So money is not an issue when it comes to reaching out." Pastor. Haron, Maua, Kenya

"Today, I want to thank my man of God and prophet, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, PhD, for affording us this glorious opportunity to be empowered and equipped for effectiveness in life and ministry. It was a great day for me, receiving what the Lord had prepared for us. Every segment of this special program was filled with the tangible and awesome presence of the Spirit of God. The teaching on our Divine Mandate left a deep hunger for souls and I was stirred to win many for the master, as I fulfil my divine mandate. The ministry has been taken to another level. I am so grateful to my father, Pastor Chris for showing us the way in this glorious walk." Pastor Isaac Zirebwa 

"A big thank you to my man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD, for this great opportunity; I was truly blessed. I thank God for the message; it was my message; a message for my ministry. I am going to win souls and also empower my congregation to do the same like never before. My ministry will never remain the same again. Thank you man of God." Pastor Mandembo, Kingdom Citizens Church, Zimbabwe 

"I want to thank my man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, PhD, for this opportunity to be taught and mentored. The meeting was inspiring; I was transformed and believe my ministry will never remain the same again. Concerning soul winning, I have been enlightened and strategies given. As the Pastor, I will lead by example in winning souls. I will empower my members so they transit from members to partners. This was a timely message even for our nation. I am grateful to God for this meeting. Thank you Pastor Chris." Pastor Nathan Gwishiri, Global Reach Ministries, Zimbabwe

"Thank you very much Sir. I thank the Lord for this glorious connection; the Conference was a refreshing time; so mighty with knowledge and revelation. Thank God for our man of God who opened this big door to us." Pastor Johannes, Gabon

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