Communion Service Testimony: The Communion Service message brought us hope and inspiration.

Over one hundred participants connected to the July Global Communion Service from Greater Glory Ministries, Zimbabwe. Remarkably, during the service, a Word of the Spirit came forth to the nation of Zimbabwe. It was such an awesome time of fellowship and they testified: 


"This special service had great impact on us as a ministry, Greater Glory Ministries and Zimbabwe as a nation. The brethren partook of every part of the service and were so blessed by the responses to the questions asked during the "Question and Answer" segment. 


The great man of God, Pastor Chris gave a word for Zimbabwe saying that the problem in the nation is not a political problem but idolatry, which has been in existence for years. The message brought hope and inspiration as Pastor reiterated that the Christians have the solution and the ability to change the status and that it’s changing. 


The Word for the month gave greater conviction to us that as a ministry, we are indeed moving by the same Spirit as we are in a season of sowing. In this season, great sowing has already begun and much more is going to be done in line with the Word of the month. It is for a greater harvest and as Pastor declared. Many received these Words with gladness and joy. It is indeed a season of greater victories and accomplishments. Glory to God!" – Pastor Isaac Zirebwabe, Zimbabwe. 


The September Communion Service comes up on Sunday, September 6th, 2015. Make plans to participate. To request for login details please email [email protected]

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