Testimony From Pastor Elsando Vicente

Warm greetings,

Grace be unto you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I thank God for the opportunity to share this testimony with other ministers on this platform, what God is doing in my life and ministry.
When I attended the ISM session in 2013, first set to be precise, it was a life transforming experience in the school, the way they were anointed to teach was amazing. During that time I was revived. God gave me clear plans on how to impact my nation with the Gospel.

Everything concerning my ministry was powerfully touched by the power and revelation from the Word of God, and I was excited to go back and start the work,
When I came back, the nation was having a difficult time with the church because the government was trying to close some churches without a legal permission to act. Angola constitution is very bad for the church. For a church to get a State Recognition you need to collect 100,000 signatures, yes it’s just what you have read; one hundred thousand members, this is the way they work to fight the Church and to have all of them under control.

While I was in South Africa they created a committee to start supervising and to close some churches, they sent two agents to our church because we were operating very close to the government buildings, then after inspection, they decided to close down the church, they told us that we can no longer hold meetings. I was praying persistently and it was not up to two weeks before I attended the ISM in South Africa. I was working on moving the church to a new venue, but when I came back from the ISM, we got a new place which was far bigger and larger than the previous venue. The Initial venue we used could only fit 100 members but this current venue can comfortably fit 300 members. Glory to God!

A Friend of mine who is a Reverend gave me a temporary document which belongs to him to enable me preach with no fear. His ministry has been in Angola since 1961; that is why he already has a Recognition Document in Angola. Nobody can stop us from preaching the gospel anymore.

I learnt a lot about raising disciples, my teaching ministry has grown, and miracles became something absolutely normal. While I was in South Africa, I received a special prosperity anointing from Pastor Chris through Pastor Tony, and financial miracles took place in a huge way. An overwhelming outpouring of the Holy Ghost bringing life to the finance of our church, the income has increased so much and it is having an effect not only in the church but in the lives of the brethren. Let me share some of the testimonies.

“There is a woman that was separated from her husband, and she was forced to live in a single room with her son, I felt in my spirit to minister to that rich woman, and I gave her 2000 kwanzas (20 dollars), that woman, took 200 kwanzas( 2 dollars) to tithe and guess what happened in less than one week? She received more than 600,000 kwanzas (6000 dollars) from her inheritance which she has been having a challenge with for more than 8 years. She got a place and not only that, we encouraged her to start a business on a small scale which she has commenced already.”

“Another testimony is from a brother in my ministry whose business was completely bankrupt, because he was working and people were not paying him. He was in so much debt and I called him and told him that if he decides to be a loyal partner of the ministry, no devil can touch his money or business. We prayed and in less than one month, he received three Hundred thousand dollars from some companies that could not pay him since 2009. Now, he is getting new contracts and he’s able to pay all his debts and giving glory to God.”

We believe God for more, I know that soon I will be back with more testimonies.
We are unstoppable. Love you.

Thank you very much.

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Pastor Thembinkosi Mpendulo Ndzimandze

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