Testimony From Prophetess Sharon Kasongo

First of all I would like to thank the Man of God, Pastor Chris, for giving us an opportunity to learn more from what the Holy Ghost has revealed to him throughout his years of Ministry. What I see happening in my life and ministry is that, I am reaping where I didn't not Sow because Pastor has already sown for us.

I came to the ISM this year and the experience was indeed life changing. What I have learned cannot be valued; no money can pay what I have learned.

 When I left the Church, I was having an attendance of at least 40 people on a Sunday and it was very hectic. After the session, I went back and introduced Rhapsody of Realities and I told the Church that we are following Pastor Chris no turning back. As a result, I lost some of the members of the Church. The Holy Spirit told me not to worry because I am in the will of God. I continued to listen to Pastor and reviewing my ISM notes, and as a result faith arose in me. What I realized is that, the more I studied or listened to Pastor, I found myself Praying more than I ever did; meaning the anointing of intercession was rubbing on me. 

Now we are seating with attendance of 100 and having new faces coming in everyday. My leaders are growing as well. I take the Cell meetings and train them as per Pastor Chris' message.


From buying 35 Rhapsodies, in the month of June we bought 185 Rhapsodies and for July we are aiming at buying 200 because this messenger Angel is changing the lives of many people.

  Cherrie on top, God is Blessing us with miracles as well as casting out devils, hahaha!  


We have two testimonies to share:


1. A brother was involved in an accident in 2011, as a result one of his hand was no longer working because he had a steel inside and wearing a sling. The hand was numb and couldn't move. I remembered Healing School and Pastor's face came before me, faith arose in me and I said in the name of Jesus be healed, and wow! He took out the sling and the hand started to move even with the steel inside. Hallelujah! This took place at our mid-week service on Wednesday.


2. I always pray that God will bring people who need miracles so that I can demonstrate his power. The  following Wednesday I had one "mama" she was deafened in one ear for two years wearing ear aid and I saw this is the work of the devil, I just remember Pastor again and said, "you devil of darkness come out of her" when I finished she took out the hearing aid and she could hear.

Talking about casting out devils small thing, ah! The move of the Spirit, wow! People are being filled with evidence of speaking in tongues. God is moving in our Church

Family Testimony.

 After coming back from the ISM, my husband who has been wanting to go outside the country to buy goods to come back and sell. When I came, we prayed and by God's Grace, God provided money and he was granted a VISA to go to Dubai. Now, he is successfully in business. You can't make contact with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and your life will remain the same.

 Papa I Love you!

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