Testimony from Pastor Lysiane Samoisy

Greetings from Pastor Lysiane Samoisy (Mauritius). Thank you for your thoughtful email and specially for sending me the excerpts of the last Communion Service with Pastor Chris. I will share the message with as many people as I can.

After the ISMMN Conference, we arrived Mauritius on a Sunday morning and headed straight to church for the service. We could hardly share anything from the scriptures as the Holy Spirit took over. The congregation was filled with the Spirit...Mighty deliverance were wrought...Several new comers gloriously spoke in tongues for the first time....It was such a Holy chaos!!! We just had to watch the Holy Spirit do his thing. Hallelujah, it was an awesome service!

During this mighty move of the Spirit, I noticed a group of youngsters who came into the service with cameras to record what was going on. Their purpose was evidently to mock us but at some point in the service, they were gripped with fear and ran away. Except for one who seemed glued to his chair. He was so overwhelmed with the presence of the Holy Spirit and broke down in tears. At the end of the service, he requested to share in the joy that so permeated our lives and so we shared with him the gospel and he was gloriously saved.

At the next Sunday service, we started the meeting by sharing from the Rhapsody of Realities and once again the Holy Spirit took over and we could go no further with preaching but yield to the move of the Spirit.

At the 1st ISM Ministers' Network Conference in 2011, Pastor Chris walked to where I and my husband were sitted and gave us a word concerning going into full-time ministry. Since then, we have been praying about it. Although, I still work in an organization, the impressions of the Spirit upon me about going into full time ministry have been so strong since after the ISMMN Conference and it is becoming more and more real to me that I no longer belong in the secular world. As such I and my husband are believing God for clear instructions on how to proceed. There's so much to do and not enough time to do it.

For the first time in Mauritius, we are starting an ISM Cell meeting in Mauritius on Friday 25 May. I am eager to be there.

To me this years' Conference will be unforgettable for many reasons.... The teaching of the Word (which is rare in Mauritius), the fellowship with ministers from different parts of the world...who speak different languages, worshipped God in one heavenly language, such unity of the Spirit, it dawned on me how supernatural the church is.

Thank you for everything...particularly for the commitment to being a blessing to the Body of Christ. Having received so much, we commit ourselves to being a blessing to those God brings us in contact with through the teachings received at the International School of Ministry and the impartation from the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd.

We earnestly look forward to the 3rd International School of Ministry Ministers' Network Conference.

Pastor Lysiane Samoisy

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