Testimonies from MLadagascar Month of open door

Sister Noro from Antananarivo, Madagascar: I have a low output heart failure. My heart doesn’t beat normaly and very slow. It can’t pump the blood. Now I feel feverish many times and my arms are so heat and I am not able to move it well. I receive an invitation from the ministry of Pastor Frank and I decide to attend the service untitle “open door for you”. During the service, when he preached the word of God , I receive a new revelation that I never heard before. He said to the congregation: “no matter how long you have these disease in you, today there is an open door to your health. Be expectant for a divine healing.” After that my body start feeling something indescribable. When Pastor Frank ministered to me, something very cold passed through my body and instantly I was light as a feather. From this impartation till now my body becomes normal. Halleluiah! Sister Sarah from Antananarivo, Madagascar: I am affected by a degenerative osteoarthritis. Now I feel so much pain because of the winter in Madagascar. There is a time I am not able to walk for a certain distance. I consulted several doctors but they gave only some medicins to calm it. I am so desperate and demoralized. I heard about the Open door’s Conference with Full of Grace Ministry and attend the event. I was schocked hearing the titkle and I said inside me: is it possible to get an open door for my health? I attend the conference and I have got my healing and in added to it for the mother’day, I have got a lot of gifts I never got before. Glory to God Halleluyah. Sister Honorette, from Antananarivo, Madagascar From several months, I and my husbands are jobeless and we were full of debt. Because of it, we didn’t have the possibility to send two of our children to go to school. One of the my friends knows about our situation and wanted to help us by giving us an invitation about the month of open door organized by full of grace ministry. As I heard Pastor Frank’s teaching, a river of living water started to bubble in me and I start to be shaken by the anointing. I received strength. Then, during the talking session declaring an open door to the business. I did it with all my heart. Few days later, we received a supernatural favor from someone to start a new business and it is very fruitfull. Actually, there is an 3traffic jam” of order to be delivered rapidly. Praise God.

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Pastor Thembinkosi Mpendulo Ndzimandze

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