Testimony From January Communion Service

I am so thankful to God for His love, in that He connected me to the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD. I am so confident that this year is going to be extraordinary because of the words that the Spirit of God spoke to me through our man of God, Pastor Chris. During the January Global Communion Service, I obtained treasures that I valued so much the time I heard them.

I learnt to: 

•       Personalize the Word of God, to receive it as my personal word and do it.
•    Think about God’s thoughts on situations and things around me. What does God think about situations, issues, circumstances that happen around me and in my life? I learnt that I can only learn God’s thoughts through His Word.
•       I was highly inspired by the level of excellence displayed by the staff in which I noticed that it gets better each and every time and I was in tears while watching the staff awards. It's my heart’s desire to know Him more through His Word this year.
•       I also learnt that being my year of greatness, it’s my year of service. This is a remarkable truth. I now know exactly what I will do this year as God magnifies me in the eyes of the people around me. 
I am so thankful to God for showing His love by talking to me personally about 2014 and what He has done already.Glory to God!
~Rollins Chirwa
Redeemed for A Purpose Ministries, Malawi

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