Testimony From The November Communion Service With Pastor Chris - Rev. Albright

This is our second communion service with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, and it was really a great experience! The man of God really taught that we must know that we are the objects of God’s love, and that love has been directed towards us. He said we should be at the top of our game, so we can live a glorious life now, and that our lives can be beautiful. He read 1 Peter 3:8–11, and then gave us three important points that will really affect our lives and ministry for good.

Three (3) important points to note:

1. Quit wanting to be someone else
2. Quit trying to change other people
3. Quit judging other people

The in-depth of explanation Pastor Chris gave concerning these points was just priceless because we were really enlightened and refreshed by his teaching.

He said God has made everyone unique and therefore we must have value for ourselves. What he also said that ministered to us was that God doesn’t need another of those people but rather us for who we are. God expresses Himself through every one of us differently. He said our responsibility is to bring out the best in us. He said the words and messages we listen to become seeds we sow into our lives, which produce our character. We must therefore be mindful of the information we take in. He also told us to sow the right seeds into our personality. God gave us words so that we can steer our lives in the direction of our words. We must therefore control our tongue, and not to speak evil and hurtful words to other people or about other people. This is because when a person speaks evil or bad words to other people, he or she is actually destroying the programming of good that God has for him or her, and then begins to go the wrong way.

On the second point, the man of God talked about loving who we are and that we start seeing people the way God sees them. This is because we cannot really change anyone by ourselves. What we must do is to manifest Jesus to them, because anytime Jesus is made manifest to them, they discover themselves – that is, they see their glorified selves. He said we must become all things to all men. God's expression of Jesus is a spiritual mirror. That message of self-value is the beginning of transformation from one level to another. We must not set our standards for them, but let Jesus be manifested to them through us. We can shape God's Word to help people become what God wants them to be, and not what we want them to be.

On the final point, he said we should learn to live our own lives and just appreciate people just the way they are and see the good and best part of their lives. He advised us never to tell stories that will cause other people to dislike someone else. It is our responsibility to give a good picture of others. He said when Jesus ignored those who wanted to condemn the woman who was caught in adultery, he was expressing that God ignores those who judge others. He said we should not project hate but propagate love instead. We can act like Jesus. We can recognise when people do things wrong, but we shouldn't condemn them. He said to control our tongues and we’ll live a beautiful life every day.

We were full of expectancy to know what the word of the month was going to be and when he mentioned that the Holy Spirit told him that a year ago we were surprised and really hungry to know what that was. “The Month of Ingathering” is the word the man of God Pastor Chris gave as the word for the month of November, and he explained that it is a month of taking stock of all that the Lord has done for us and through us over the course of the year; our prayers, impact with the gospel, souls we’ve won, how much we gave to God and the financial blessings we received. “Take stock and you will find reason to praise God”, he said.

I tell you, we were lifted for good. At a point as l was listening to the man of God, l wanted to enter into the TV just to sit at his feet listening to him and also to give him an earnest hug; l was enraptured in glory!

Afterwards, we all took part in the communion and the time of praise and worship led by Sinach. It was a time of refreshing and we really felt God’s love so much. Halleluiah!


Pastor Daniel, one of my pastors gave a testimony about how the teaching of Pastor Chris has really ministered to him, especially about one having a self-value and not trying to become someone else. He added that the point on trying to change people by setting your own human standards for them will not really help them, but rather showing Jesus to them really brought much light to his understanding, because the man of God said every time the real picture of Jesus is held up, you see yourself.

He also testified that after the communion he felt so refreshed and felt God’s love so much during the time of worship. Amen!


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