Testimony From The October Communion Service With Pastor Chris - Pastor Tomas Ntinda

Greetings in the Name of Jesus.

I thank God for the opportunity we had to participate in the Communion Service with our man of God, Pastor Chris. Prior to this, we had an opportunity to attend the Leaders and Partners Conference in South Africa. While in the Sunday service, a voice told me that I should have a program of worship on Saturday. Knowing that it was the Holy Spirit who was ministering, I announced the program and we had a worship service on Saturday. I was amazed when the Holy Spirit gave the message of the month through our man of God, Pastor Chris, that this is the month of worship. Wow! I started to praise God, because I knew He had done something glorious in our lives.

While I was at the conference, Pastor told us to be attentive to the Holy Spirit because He ministers to us as individuals. I am so happy to be connected to our man of God. Even my members have realized it, since most of the time, I’d say something and later Pastor will say something that is almost the same as what I have been instructing the members!

Thank you Pastor Chris; because of you, not only did I get my calling back as a pastor, but even my members have confidence in me.  They believe what I tell them because of what the Holy Spirit has been doing in my life and this is only because I have been following you. Every meeting the leaders and I attend – Bible Study, Communion Service – we are blessed to have you man of God, the epistle of Jesus. Thank you for being there for us!

As a man of faith, I understand that you know what the Holy Spirit has been doing in our lives as a ministry and church, and as a nation. Yes, your vision is coming to pass through us. I am blessed to be the answer to your prayers.

I love you Pastor Chris, thank you for your leadership. Thank you Pastor Deola; you have blessed my life through your ministry. I thank Pastor Andrew Mutondoro; he is such a caring and amazing man of God. Indeed, everything that concerns you is blessed and is a blessing.

I have become disciplined in the Word, I have learnt how to recognize and honour the anointing. I have learnt how to bring up people of all levels; rich, low, elders and the young.  Wisdom is at work in me; the things I do have really shown me that I have not made a mistake to come to you. I know God has brought me into the ‘Worshippers Group’; the kind that knows Who they worship. Pastor Chris, I love you.

We have endless testimonies on the impact of “Rhapsody of Realities” in our lives. Young people are taking over schools and universities, just because of the Rhapsody of Realities. People are prospering and increasing.

I love you Pastor!

Pastor Tomas Ntinda
Christ Purpose Ministry, Namibia.


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Testimony From The October Communion Service With Pastor Chris - Apostle Dumisani


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