Testimony From The October Global Communion Service With Pastor Chris - Rev. Bright N. Albright

It was our first communion service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD, as a church. It was such a wonderful and refreshing time as he started talking about worship. We were full of joy as he explained and taught on how to worship and the kind of songs of worship we should sing when we worship God. He taught us how important the songs we sing in worship are and even taught on how important it is that we lift our hands when worshipping. He also taught on the need to worship God every day, because any time we worship, God speaks to us and as children of God, it’s important that we hear from God every day and this should be our way of life.

When Pastor Chris mentioned that he was going to give us the word of the month, our hearts were so open and we were hungry to know what it was going to be, as he was still teaching on worship. When he finally gave the word of the month of October, we shouted so loud! Some were full of surprise and amazement because earlier in our morning service, I gave the church the word of the month and it was exactly what the man of God, Pastor Chris, also gave as the word of the month; and it was “The Month of Worship”, hallelujah! The brethren and I shouted and clapped with so much joy for that confirmation. We felt so good, awed, blessed and so proud to have him as our Pastor and we thanked God for that.

Thereafter, we all joined in the time of worship; singing and dancing to the song ministration with our hands lifted and worshipping the Lord, hallelujah!  We then joined the man of God as he taught on two important things about the communion. He said the Communion:

1.    Reminds us of what Jesus did for us on the cross
2.    Reminds us of the deliverance from sin, making us whole and perfect beings

After Pastor Chris blessed the communion, we all dined with him.

A brother in our church, named Emmanuel, testified that when he was coming for the service, he wasn’t feeling very well and as a result, had wanted to stay home; but still managed to come. But after we took the communion, he said he suddenly felt free and so refreshed, glory to God!
Rev. Bright N. Albright

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Pastor Thembinkosi Mpendulo Ndzimandze

Testimony From The October Communion Service With Pastor Chris - Pastor Tomas Ntinda


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