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The UK mobile companies operate using the GSM standard. If your mobile phone is compatible with GSM, all you need to do is exchange your current SIM for a UK SIM or UK prepaid SIM. Not all international mobile phones will work with British mobile phone companies, however, which might mean that you would have to get your phone unlocked before travelling to the UK or simply buy a UK mobile phone when in the country.
The UK also has many WiFi points starting from the airport and a widespread 4G mobile coverage with at least 92 per cent of the country able to access the service so you won’t ever be away from internet access.
If you’re an EU resident, do check with your network provider; you can roam for free in London. Increasingly, non-EU mobile companies are also offering free or discounted roaming. Others offer low per-day roaming costs. Sometimes these roaming plans require pre-activation, so check with your mobile company before you travel.
Find in the table below recommended network call provider you could use while in the United Kingdom. All these carriers sell “trio SIMs”.

S/N For Local Calls For Local & International Calls
1 EE Lebara
2 O2 Lycamobile
3 T-Mobile
4 Three
5 Vodafone
6 Tesco Mobile
7 Virgin Mobile

SIM cards could be purchased at any convenience store, supermarket or at the airport. Some airlines do provide SIM cards to travellers enroute United Kingdom, so kindly check with your airline.