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Are you ready to take your passion for ministry further? A wealth of divine revelation, inspiration and anointing for impact await you at the 2015 International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference. read more

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  • The nation of Zambia celebrated 50 years of independence on the 24th of October. The Gospel Envoys’ Church took advantage of the opportunity to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus by distributing 55,000 free copies of the Rhapsody of Realities throughout the nation of Zambia!

    The epoch making event, tagged “'Jubil.... (read more)

  • In the month of November, the ISM Missions Team embarked on a mission’s trip to the city of Hong Kong, China. The city of Hong Kong, nicknamed “the pearl of the orient”, is a beautiful city renowned for its beauty as well as its modernity. It is a former British colony, which is now governed by Mainland China under a policy of “one country, two systems”.
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  • I am indeed grateful for the privilege and opportunity extended to me to attend the International School of Ministry in the year 2014. Words will not suffice to say and explain the immense grace that has continued to flow in my ministry ever since after the ISM Autumn Session in South Africa.

    When I came to the school in March, we were barely managing to run the ministry and it h.... (read more)

  • Pastor David and Pastor Elisa Ramotshabi of the Good Life International Centre, South Africa are transforming lives through the free distribution of the Rhapsody of Realities devotional.

    Recently, Pastor David and Pastor Elisa and their team distributed free copies of the devotional in their locality and it was a time of great blessings. So many lives were blessed as they receive.... (read more)

  • Pastor Jairo Linares is the dynamic pastor of Koinonia Church in Nicaragua and together with his wife, Pastor Berenice, propagates the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and transforms lives through the broadcast of Rhapsody of Realities program in Nicaragua.
    Enlance Canal 21 is Nicaragua’s first satellite Christian TV station and Pastor Jairo shares the life-transforming message of .... (read more)


    The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is saturating the airwaves in the nation of Madagascar as many are being inspired, uplifted and empowered by the gospel as contained in the new Rhapsody of Realities TV program, being broadcast in their own Malagasy language!

    Pastor Frank and his wife Pastor Sandrina are the dynamic pastors of Grace Ministries, Madagascar and the inspir.... (read more)


    The Love of Christ was manifested as the inspired members of New Creation Ministries, Zambia, recently organized a Reach out Campaign in the city of Kitwe, one of the largest cities in the nation of Zambia. It was an inspiring, exhilarating, energetic and epoch making event as the New Creation Ministries team led by Pastor Gabriel Nyatuka and his lovely wife Pastor Rachael Nyatuk.... (read more)

  • Lives are being transformed as many tune into the teaching programs and messages of the Man of God, Pastor Chris, which is now airing on Continental FM Radio Station, Uganda!!!

    These inspiring programs are the dream project of Pastor Denis Emojong, the dynamic Pastor of Embassy of God Ministries, Uganda, who was inspired to sponsor the programs after being impacted by the ministry of th.... (read more)




    The ISM Ministers Conference 2014 was a phenomenal conference characterized by transformation and empowerment in the lives of over 4,500 ministers in more than 90 countries of the world who attended the epochal event. Highlights i.... (read more)

  • Hundreds of prisoners received salvation and were miraculously released from prison as an ISM Minister ministered to them with the rhapsody of realities devotional outreach program.Evangelist {Mama Dankay} Samuels who is a dynamic cell leader in the ISM Ministers Network, recently organized a prison outreach in Makeni Prisons, Sierra Leone along with the ministers and members of the ISM Cell.As.... (read more)

  •  ‘’I discovered the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, on the internet, and I have been following him for seven years now on the internet. I took advantage of the opportunity to attend the ISMMN Conference with the man of God, after being invited by an ISM Minister.

    One thing I find irresistible about Pastor Chris is the peace and compassion he exudes .... (read more)

  • Pastor Roshan attended the International School of Ministry along with his wife, Pastor Liz and was deeply impacted, after being introduced to the life changing ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris. He is an active cell leader in the ISM Ministers Network and has been responsible for bringing over 200 ministers from his nation of Srilanka as well as from different nations in Europe and Asia.... (read more)

  • "I discovered the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, on the internet, and I have been following him for seven years now on YouTube. I took advantage of the opportunity to attend the ISMMN Conference with the man of God, after being invited by an ISM Minister.

    One thing I find irresistible about Pastor Chris is the pea.... (read more)

  • My sincere thanks to the Man of God, Pastor Chris, for the Word of God which l received during the 2014 ISMMNC. I received every word that the Holy Spirit prepared for me to hear that day. I can boldly say, I am changed, I have eternal life, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit lives in me and is with me. My ministry has changed and has been made easy. My life right.... (read more)

  • I thank God for the privilege of attending the ISMMNC. The meeting was so great I received the Word of God in a mighty way from the Man of God, Pastor Chris.When the Man of God blessed me, I received the anointing of peace and everything became so amazing. Even right now, I see changes in my life and in my family. I thank God for directing me to a Man of God like Pastor Chris. Thank you Si.... (read more)

  • I can't contain this excitement in my spirit because I feel lifted, encouraged  and overwhelmed by the spirit of God through the message of the Man of God,  Pastor Chris! The revelations and the ministration were just out of this world.  We the members of the ISM team are saying thank you Sir.

    From Emmanuel Tambatamba

    .... (read more)
  • Through the message of the Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome at the ISMMNC, God has revived, encouraged and empowered me for ministry. I have been so inspired, that I plan to start up a new cell soon. God bless you Pastor Chris.

    Testimony From Margaret Orleans Wood.

    .... (read more)
  • I thank God for giving me the wonderful opportunity to share this testimony, which was stirred up by the teachings of the Man of God Pastor Chris, who I see as my Pastor, Life Coach, and the Mentor of my life and Ministry. On the first day of the 3 days ISMMN CONFERENCE,
    Pastor Chris mentioned about the last finance convention, he also ministered and people received miracle money in wal.... (read more)

  • Ever since I attended the International School of Ministry, the impartation of the Spirit of God, which I received when the man of God laid hands on me was awesome. It has been indeed from glory to glory! 


    During the class I remember the man of God, Pastor Chris, admonishing us to always make out time to fellowship with the Holy Spirit on a regular basis. I did that .... (read more)

  • It was a glorious time in the presence of God. I was privileged when Pastor Chris prophetically mentioned a case of a Pastor who was concerned about his little girl. Knowing that what Pastor said was concerning me, I ran to the front. Pastor Chris took my hands and prayed with me, joining his faith with mine. I received a mighty impartation of the anointing. I have been laying my hands on my .... (read more)

  • I came in contact with the man of God Pastor Chris in 2008, when I attended the ISM meeting for the Discipleship course. That very day, I received a phone call from one of my pastors that a sister in Church was very sick and in a critical conditions as she was diagnosed with HIV. I gave instructions to my pastors to lay hands on her while I prayed over the phone" I exercised my author.... (read more)

  • I want to thank God for His Word and what I have learnt about the passion for Christ. My life has been transformed. I thank God because I have learnt a deeper way to love God. I now have a deeper understanding on how I can love Him wholeheartedly, and how to love others. I have increased my desire for the Word of God. My life has changed because I will no longer live for myself but for the One .... (read more)

  • Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I write to you today to share my testimonies of the wonderful things I have been experiencing since I returned from the ISM Autumn Session. At my school, I was appointed the coordinator of the Nurses Christian Fellowship. Since then, I have been able to share the Word of God with so much courage and boldness.  My col.... (read more)

  • First of all I would like to thank the Man of God, Pastor Chris, for giving us an opportunity to learn more from what the Holy Ghost has revealed to him throughout his years of Ministry. What I see happening in my life and ministry is that, I am reaping where I didn't not Sow because Pastor has already sown for us.

    (read more)

  • Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I just want to thank the Lord for what is happening in my life & also the ministry.  The Lord has been so good to us. Since we left the school, we've started buying Rhapsody of Realities for the church in the last 3 month and giving them for free. .... (read more)

  • Greetings from Pastor Lysiane Samoisy (Mauritius). Thank you for your thoughtful email and specially for sending me the excerpts of the last Communion Service with Pastor Chris. I will share the message with as many people as I can.

    After the ISMMN Conference, we arrived Mauritius on a Sunday morning and headed straight to church for the service..... (read more)

  • My Precious and loving Pastor Chris, greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Pastor. M.N Tulsingam from Grace Foundation Church India. I attended the ISMMN and the CLP Program.
    I utilize this opportunity to write to you, saying I am thankful to you for impacting God's wisdom in me. Through your Ministry, I have been exceedingly blessed. Thank you for the accurate know.... (read more)